Beyond the basic SEO site audit

Comprehensive site review from architecture to page-level content

Conducting a detailed, ecosystem-wide SEO audit for everything impacting your traffic is daunting, even with the best tools. Our site audits takes this task off your hands and gives it to our SEO specialists with experience across industries and organization types.

Doing SEO in the dark?

Shed some light on your site with a comprehensive audit

You probably need a site audit. You may be hesitant because you paid too much for one, or aren’t where to start.

A successful site audit isn’t simply a list of issues from a crawling tool, it is a strategic look at your site, your products  or services, and your content strategy. It provides a list of action items, priorities, and impact on your business – presented to you in a clear way and then monitored across KPIs for at least one year.

Found Agency combines DemandSphere’s proprietary enterprise SEO and content platform with our strategy team to meticulously detail your brand’s website and offsite content.

What goes into the best site audit?

Did you know there is more than one type of site audit? Knowing which type of audit you need, and who the best team to tackle it is can determine your success.

SEO audit for website

Audit Type

What kind of audit do you need? Whether we’re talking technical error spotting, content and keyword targeting, competitor landscape, or something else – there are options. We’ll walk you through what you’re getting so you’re sure it’s what you need.

SEO project timeline


Do you need information now or do you need an in-depth analysis and can wait a week or two to see results? How long will it take you to implement recommendations? When will you see the impact? Know before you start on any SEO and content site audit.

site audit deliverables


What will you get from your audit? Is it a list of to-dos? Will you get help implementing them? Is the list prioritized? What is the anticipated impact and timeline to impact for the recommendations? Your business needs to know, and we’ll tell you!

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There’s no reason to make a decision without knowing what you’re getting into. That’s why we’ve got lots of free resources on site audits, content creation, and SEO tools from industry experts.