What's the best way to get started with SEO?

Knowing you need it is a great start - but let's talk specifics

No matter what your experience is (or lack of experience) with SEO and content marketing, we’re just happy you’re here and want to talk about it. Take a look at our foundations of findability below and we’re ready to talk when you are.

get started with SEO

The building blocks of SEO

Creating a foundation of findability for your content

SEO can be complicated, but we focus on three pillars of getting found for your content and tie each of our efforts, your KPIs, and reporting back to them.

technical SEO best practices


If a search engine can’t find it – there’s a reason. We’ve got to get you in the game before we can start making plays. We’ll find out what’s preventing crawlability for your content and keep your site in shape.

marketing ecosystem integration

Page Structure

Got missing titles and meta descriptions? Duplication issues? Pagination running wild? Don’t worry, it happens. It confuses search engines, and sometimes your readers – so we’ll clean it up and keep you moving.

content targeting to drive website traffic

Keywords and Content

Now here’s the opportunity to polish pages to make sure you’ve got the right content in the right place. We match audience intent, channel, product, solution, and more to create relevance and conversions.

How does Found improve SEO?

Our discovery process delivers a tailored plan

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to your SEO. Each site, organization, and team is unique – so we treat each engagement that way.

From your first discovery call to our strategy team’s proposal presentation, you’ll know we’re listening to your goals and challenges.

Starting the process
  1. We schedule a discovery call to learn more about what your current goals and challenges are so we can determine next steps.
  2. The strategy team takes the lead and looks at your site(s), does a quick industry analysis, and figures out key components to your SEO and content success.
  3. A plan takes shape that we present to you, with a detailed explanation of each tactic and its benefits to your marketing ecosystem.
  4. Next steps are selected through a combined conversation of your team and ours.
  5. The action starts and your site is on its way to driving traffic, content that converts, and a better performing marketing system!