I need to improve my SEO, but how?

Keeping up with the changing world of search is a full time job, and we take it seriously.

So if you don’t have all day, let us worry about it. We’ll let you know the latest in the industry, make sure your site stays on top of it, and keep any eye on your competitors too.

increase revenue from SEO

How do we improve your SEO?

It's not magic, and it's not a secret - but it is a process.

Here are a few steps in the path to top ranking sites

proper keyword targeting for site traffic

Current site analysis

Audits and industry analysis that tell a story about your current position.

technical SEO best practices

Optimizations and fixes

Opportunities to improve through technical, page structure, and content optimization.

SEO training and coaching services

New opportunities

New content topics, types, and channels to reach your target audience.

marketing ecosystem integration

Marketing integrations

Leveraging a keyword strategy to build better paid, social, email, and other marketing efforts.

content targeting to drive website traffic

Monitoring and analysis

Tracking KPIs that matter so you see what’s changing and report on the impact of your work.

Better SEO through better data

Tracking search engine changes, updates to marketing channels, and competitor landscapes

Creating a strategy that will drive not just traffic, but also conversions, to your site means we have to stay on top of how sites are treated. Search engines not only follow what people want, but shape how they begin to look for answers.

This dependent relationship between audiences and search engines is reflected in everything from shopping results and answer boxes to flight information and article recommendations.

Found Agency is fueled by partner and parent company, DemandSphere’s DemandMetrics enterprise SEO platform.


What better SEO data does for you

  • Daily rank tracking for your content and competitors means you know first when something changes
  • “Shape of the SERP” updates for you and your site(s) provide a look at what elements appear on the page, how they’re impacting CTR, and where ‘position 1’ is now
  • Paid and organic analysis that gives understanding of where your best target keywords are and how to make efforts that impact rank
  • SERP Rewind tool that shows you and your team how the search engines results have changed layout over time – illustrating why position 1 looks different today than it did six months ago
  • Preferred landing page (PLP) matching means we can pair unique target keywords for each page of content, reducing duplicate content issues and ensuring we take advantage of every single keyword and content opportunity