SEO services that improve rank and increase traffic

No hassle search solution: We'll identify the issues and fix them for you

A total SEO service solution? Yep, that’s us. Fixing SEO issues and errors is just the beginning – learn more below.

technical SEO best practices

An SEO check that leads to on page improvements

What's happening on your site and how is it impacting traffic?

At Found Agency, we are dedicated to spotting errors, diving deep into issues, and then helping you implement the changes. On site SEO changes have an impact on your traffic, your conversions, and revenue.

Just a few of the SEO services we offer

  • Missing tags, meta descriptions, titles, image alts, and more
  • Duplicate titles, metas, tags, etc.
  • Page speed problems
  • Local SEO
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile and AMP
  • Schema implementation
  • Keyword targeting
  • Thin content
  • New site content migration planning
  • CMS migration
  • Amazon page optimization
  • e-Commerce solutions

Categories of SEO Issues and Errors

What's happening on your site can be broken out into three main focus areas

We categorize our SEO services so you can see how it’s performing across each one but also so you know where to concentrate resources and efforts for the best marketing impact.

technical SEO best practices


If a search engine can’t find it – there’s a reason. We’ve got to get you in the game before we can start making plays. We’ll find out what’s preventing crawlability for your content and keep your site in shape.

marketing ecosystem integration

Page Structure

Got missing titles and meta descriptions? Duplication issues? Pagination running wild? Don’t worry, it happens. It confuses search engines, and sometimes your readers – so we’ll clean it up and keep you moving.

content targeting to drive website traffic

Keywords and Content

Now here’s the opportunity to polish pages to make sure you’ve got the right content in the right place. We match audience intent, channel, product, solution, and more to create relevance and conversions.

5 businesses that benefit from better SEO

If you're not sure if your business would see impact from improving SEO and content marketing, take a look at why these types of organizations get results.


Usually lots of pages, product listings, and a templated system that could use a refresh. The e-comm world needs SEO because consumers are fickle and have more options than ever.


You’re describing products, solutions, and services in the way that sounds good to your team but is it how your audience describes their issues? How about staying on top of new competitors popping up?


There are so many choices when it comes to education resources, online learning, continuing degree programs and more. Capturing this audience means knowing what they’re looking for and how to get the right content in front of them.


Yes this includes some e-commerce folks but it’s also services and a lot of local SEO that goes untouched. Missing out on local listings, mobile opportunities, and capitalizing on reviews is money left on the table.


This is a category all its own and it’s a big one. Agencies are typically focused on creative, branding, design, or specific deliverables like social, print, or TV. All of these can be improved with better organic marketing research. SEO shouldn’t be an afterthought! How many times has a new site launch seen the “rank tank?” Traffic drops because there wasn’t a content migration plan. Or missed opportunities when messaging could have been honed with better keyword research and content targeting – information that’s valuable to paid, email, social, and more. Get an SEO partner to keep marketing services strategic.