The best SEO training for marketing teams

Get SEO strategy that's tailored to your organization

If you’ve been trying to train team members or hire in-house organic marketers and want to be sure they know their stuff – we’ve got you covered. Check out a few of the ways we help teams take on the SEO tactics that make websites great.

Types of SEO Training

What does your team actually need to succeed?

If you’re team wants to learn everything from the basics to trending tactics, we can do that. If you’re just looking for help with a new CMS or AMP project, we’re there for that too. An added bonus? All of our training materials and sessions are documented and shared for your future reference and any new team members that join.

SEO basic training

SEO Basics

Want an SEO 101 course that’s tailored to your website, team size, goals, and deliverables? We can do that. No need to waste time on things that aren’t relevant to your world – we’ll give you just the facts so you can make an impact.

SEO training and coaching

CMS Specific SEO

Got a new CMS or e-commerce platform that you’re trying to master? Let us help you out with the basics and check your templates to make sure you’re set up for success from the start. We can also help you with site migrations!

goal driven SEO training

Goal-driven Initiatives

If you’ve got a specific goal in mind and just aren’t sure how to get there – let us take a look. Whether it’s keyword and content targeting, brushing up local SEO best practices, or something else, we’ll put a plan in place and show you how to execute.

Why custom SEO coaching?

You've got options like books, videos, blogs, and events. Why is this SEO training different?

We’re the first to admit this solution isn’t right for everyone. If you’ve got a one-off question or are doing general research, there’s tons of information out there to help. If you need help rightthissecond sometimes waiting for a coaching session isn’t practical. We get it.

There are some times that custom SEO training can not only save time and money, but increase revenue through optimized process and best practices.


Who benefits from custom SEO training?

While a lot of organizations and teams can get value from tactical training and strategy coaching, here are a few places we see get measurable results time and time again.

  • Large organizations who need their entire team to be on the same page
  • Companies who can drive significant traffic and revenue from SEO and need to stay on top of the latest tactics and best practices
  • Marketers who “wear a lot of hats” and need to improve SEO skills
  • Marketing organizations who want to learn how to integrate search, paid, social, and email to achieve better results
  • Digital agencies looking to add SEO to their client deliverables

What can you expect from SEO training with Found?

Topics we cover with marketing teams include

  • Building an SEO workflow
  • Prioritization and task management
  • KPI reporting – tying deliverables to results
  • Goal setting and analytics management
  • Technical site fixes
  • Content writing with SEO in mind
  • Page structure errors
  • Image optimization
  • Schema usage
  • Local SEO
  • and more
increase revenue from SEO